I suppose this is the end of my story in regard to this class and it would be the beginning of yours. My name is Tom Thomas and hopefully I can help you do the same thing I just did, but maybe better.

What worked for me what mainly doing…

Although not typically associated with religion, what I learned today is the innovative aspect of religious behaviors. This can include anyone making fundamentally anything into what is practically a religion. People can act upon religiously associated behaviors with really anything, from aspects of pure fantasy to a philosophical counter culture, religion is a study that must understand new behaviors and how they’re religious as well.

I as a person who was brought up in a religious household understood new religion mostly as fangled behavior of the souless masses but now I suppose that could just be what all religion is. The question of legitimacy is not answered by the age of the religion.

I find it really interesting how people can make religious counter culture intentionally to distract from something, but it at the same time is tied down by philosophical under-pinnings justifying their actions.

Today I learned about Islamophobia and religious nationalism. Islamophobia is basically paranoia regarding Muslim people which can materialize in violence, fear, coldness, distrust, or feelings of inferior nature. Because of this sometimes violence is done against the Muslim people out of resentment of their religion or culture in some way.

I would say that before I wasn’t aware of how severe Islamophobia can be. As far as I knew it, it was mainly a certain coldness toward Muslim people. I only knew this from my surroundings. I now know more more about the severity and extent to which it can carry.

I found it interesting how we hardly hear about issues in the Muslim community regarding Islamophobia.

Today we learned the relationship between Jews and Anti- Semites, specifically more so religious and racial conflict with Jews.

Honestly I hadn’t considered much on why people hate Jews. Personally I’ve liked every Jew I’ve ever met. Its even so that I typically grow somewhat fond of them. What I mean by that is I had no real prior assumptions. Perhaps I have a bias in favor of Jews.

I suppose it is interesting how one can vilify one group of people for identifying themselves as God’s chosen or whatever particular critique they may use and then use the same argument for themselves in regard to racial or religious superiority.

If I am totally honest, these discussions have followed me through my high school education and such as my school had a very prominent LGBTTQQIAAP community that was vocal and widely accepted. Because of this I am familiar with tolerance as a value that is encouraged and I generally agree.

I feel like these lessons are becoming more and more consequential in terms of what it would mean about the context of society. I’m willing to accept these notions and such but with this radical a change, at least in just perspective. It is like the only possible solution to…

The burden of class has been places upon the human race since the beginning of thoughts of prosperity. Since religion has developed with it and religion changes over time, along with a greater capacity for income inequality to increase, often times religion was used by cast in justification of their power and such

I myself being from India am aware of the harm a cast system that is propitiated by religion can produce.

It is interesting how religion was manipulated by class and it is also interesting how religion can be based on class

I wonder why people do that.

What a provocative title. I kind of like that. Anyhow, I have little to say in regard to this new information.

Sexuality was seen as almost an oppressive force or rather an inclination to fight in the Abrahamic religions and so societies that held values corresponding to the Abrahamic values…

Today I learned basically that gender is a social construct. The first thing to know is that gender is different from sex. Sex is the biological nature one was born with determined by the presence of XX or XY chromosomes, at least in typical nature as genetic abnormalities regarding these…

Before this lesson, I thought race was/meant simply the biological differences between human beings as to how their ancestors have evolved through time to better adapt to their surroundings. This division with people was solely biological and all humans are equal in value and individuals should be judged on the…

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